Monday, March 11, 2013

Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City is a great website for english teachers or soon to be english teachers.  It offers language arts lessons, useful word lists, articles, and help and information.  It is easy to access and attain information. It is absolutely beneficial to all language arts teachers as well as students.  Along with the following resources, the site also comes with helpful videos. This is an excellent site and I would recommend it to all my fellow english teachers! 


PBS offers tons of assistance for teachers. The teacher resource pages has numerous lesson plans as well as discussion guides, and teacher's guides. It is an excellent resource when showing a movie as well as presenting upon historical data.  The website is concise and easy to access.  I would strongly recommend this website! 

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a website that offers help to all age levels and subjects.  The website breaks down each grade level and subject to make access easy for the teachers.  It also supplies the teacher with many different lesson plans as well as "brain busters." Brain busters are great questions to start class with.  The website also has many links to educational online websites that are great learning exercises for students. This is an excellent website for all teachers! 

Scholastic Resources and Tools

The Scholastic Resources and tools present teachers with a myriad of lesson plans and tools to create an exceptional classroom environment.  One suggestion from the website I quite enjoy is the "starters" section. This gives the teacher creative ideas to help transition from the bell ringing (high school) to class actually beginning.  The sight also includes helpful sections such as strategies and ideas, student activities, books, and services.  Each is there to assist the teacher in creating an incredible classroom. This is a great resource for teachers of all levels! 

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is an excellent way to teach in a classroom.  It allows the students to accumulate their own research and utilize their peers for assistance.  This website helps teachers in teaching project based learning effectively.  It also gives a myriad of examples as to what projects are effective in the classroom.  I would strongly recommend PBL in the classroom! 

Teacher Vision

Teacher vision is without a doubt my favorite teacher resource website. They offer lesson plans, worksheets, and so much more.  It's a great website to help personalize your secondary classroom.  Teacher vision also has many resources to assist with classroom management. Classroom management must be effective or the whole classroom will become chaotic. Another section in which resources are offered is getting to know your students.  How can a teacher be effective if they don't know who they are teaching? This website offers so much assistance to teachers of all subjects, grades, and experience. It is an excellent resource and I would strongly recommend using it. 


OWL: Purdue online writing lab

The Purdue Owl online writing lab is crucial in a high school english classroom. It is an online resource for all students to use when writing papers in MLA writing format.  MLA is the most commonly used writing format. On this website, students can do many different things. For one, students can get assistance in the actual citation of their paper. This includes in text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the works cited page. The website also includes many examples. There are examples of nearly every citation needed in a paper. Along with that, there are also step by step instructions on how to properly cite a paper.  Purdue Owl is a necessity in all classrooms.